O Lord, Be Thou My Shepherd

This is a hymn text written especially for the 12-Step Program, although it also applies to anyone who has ever sinned.


In 2013 a family in our ward was seriously struggling due to the husband’s addictions (among other character lapses).  I thought and prayed a great deal about this family, as the wife was (is) a close friend, and I cared deeply about them, hoping they could pull things together before it was too late, especially for the sake of their three children.  I also thought a lot about addictions in general, and how the adversary chains us down, before we are even aware.


As I began writing this hymn text, I imagined each of us as a lamb chained down with no way to rescue ourselves.  Each of us, no matter what we have done or not done, is 100% dependent on the Lord’s saving power, through His atoning sacrifice.

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