The Lord, He is Our God

Recently I’ve been thinking about how lovely it will be when devout Jews, Muslims, and the sincere saints of all religions will join Christians in knowing that the Savior is God—that we are all worshiping the same, true, mighty Lord.  One day on the Mount of Olives,  He will show his wounds and reveal Himself as the Savior, while the Jews mourn that their ancestors did not recognize or honor Him.


I imagine an amazing choir made of men from all these faiths singing to our Savior with a shout: “The Lord, He is our God!”  Imagine as the groups echo each other–


“The Lord, He is our God!”


The Lord, He is our God!”


“The Lord, He is our God!”


I wrote this hymn text to reflect our allegiance to God as brothers and sisters from all cultures, all times of the world’s history, all religions, all races.  He is the God of all and we will all one day be united in our worship of Him.

Thank you to Benjamin Cole for the beautiful music!


The Lord, He is Our God (text)

The Lord, He Is Our God (sheet music)




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